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Newsletter November 2017 – April 2018

Life at Allambie has been very busy over the last 6 months. After the Mountain climb it to ...

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Newsletter September – October 2017

Allambie Mountain Climb Fundraiser = TEAM FANSIPAN. In Allambies last newsletter it was me ...

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Newsletter May – August 2017

Allambie Newsletter May to August 2017 Well its August all ready and I can honestly say th ...

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Steve Mahoney – September 2017

I first heard about Suzanne and Allambie in 2012 while listening to BBC Radio 4. As soon a ...

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Peter Tran – July to October 2017

I met Suzanne by finding Allambie Orphanage through a community Facebook group.  From the ...

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Anthony Wood April – August 2017

Background I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam in late February with a 150 hour TESOL Ce ...

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The primary goal of our mission statement is to “to create a loving home” and we have done exactly that. The orphanage is a home where the children are loved, helped, encouraged and cared for in a strong family environment.

Allambie is located in a safe area and close to the children’s schools so they don’t have far to travel on their bicycles. The surrounding area has a strong Vietnamese community and the children have made friends with the local children. There is also a church nearby as some of the children enjoy going to church.