About Allambie

To create a LOVING SECURE FAMILY HOME, Where each child has one to one ENCOURAGEMENT.


To help them look FORWARD to the FUTURE.

Allambie Orphanage opened its doors in December 2010 and has now been up and running for 7 years. All the children have settled in well to their new home. Please see Our Children’s page

The primary goal of our mission statement was to “to create a loving home” and we have done exactly that. Allambie is a four-storey home with lots of natural sunlight and the rooms are spacious; there is a school room where the children have their extra home lessons and also a small roof garden area for the children to sit and play.

The Allambie Orphanage  is a UK registered Charity.  100% OF THE MONEY DONATED TO ALLAMBIE GOES DIRECTLY TO THE CHILDREN. There are no admin fees and Suzanne’s work is voluntary.

The orphanage is a home where the children are loved, helped, encouraged and cared for in a strong family environment.

Allambie is located in a safe area and close to the children’s schools so they don’t have far to travel on their bicycles. The surrounding area has a strong Vietnamese community and the children have made friends with the local children. There is also a church nearby as some of the children enjoy going to church.

Allambie now has a full-time cook called Ms Bich who comes to the house every day and cooks Breafast, lunch and dinner for the children. The children now have three meals day



Ms Bich goes to the market every morning ensuring that the children have fresh wholesome food on a daily basis. As the children all go to school at various times. Dinnertime is the main meal of the day where we all eat together as a family.


Allambie also has a live-in full time housekeeper, who we call Auntie. Auntie helps Suzanne with the day-to-day running of the house and looks after the children throughout the day


Because of the children’s non-existent schooling in the past, many are below the level of schooling they should be for their ages. Therefore Allambie has provided extra lesson for all the children including maths, English, chemistry and physics. The extra lessons are all carried out at home in the schoolroom and the children have all built good relationships with their teachers.

Now that the children are all getting the extra lessons they so desperately needed and are now in full time education, they have steadily improved their grades over the last year. The children’s performance after their first set of exams in April 2010 averaged around 4 or 5 out of 10. Now 7 years on, the children’s exam performance has risen to 7, 8 or 9 out of 10! Even the two youngest children have gone up a level at school. Previously they had been at the same level for 2 years in a row!

Because the children can see the improvement in themselves, they have grown in confidence and this has really motivated them to work harder so that they can all pursue their career goals and aspirations.

Allambies long-term mission is to educate the children to a level where we can then get them into apprenticeships which will provide access to successful jobs and hence the ability to put a roof over their heads. The aim is to make them as independent as possible.

If their grades are good enough, we will endeavour to get them into University or College.

To this end, Allambie has successfully managed to get two children into College. Sa is now studying Tourism Management and will graduate this year. Nhi is studying Multi-Media at college and will graduate in 2 years time.

Allambie has also encouraged extra-curricular activities such as singing, dancing, music, painting, learning languages and several sports. Some the children now go to Kung Fu and dance lessons every week. This has allowed the children to make friends and to have a normal childhood that so many of us take for granted.

As well as providing the children with the basic necessities of food and shelter and enhancing their education, Allambie is also providing a stable family environment which has sadly been missing in their lives. One of the most important aspects is to demonstrate that someone loves and cares for them and supports their emotional needs.

Since it’s opening, Allambie has gained a network of brilliant volunteers (see volunteers page), their time and energy has been a great help and support to us all. Our Volunteers spend around 2/3 weeks coming to Allambie on a daily basis and give their time educating and caring for the children.

All volunteers go through pre-screening interviews and are supervised by Suzanne Hook.

Allambie looks forward to expanding and taking in more children. There are still many children that need help in Vietnam and need a loving home like this. Over the past 7 years, we have proven that Allambie works.

“The Allambie children have all put on weight, are healthy, happy and for the first time in their lives, feel safe and have place that they now call home”

Allambie is a UK Registered Charity Number: 1137521