When the all-new orphanage opens at the end of 2010, it will begin with eight children (Our Children page) from ages 6 to 16 – this consists of five girls and three boys.

Allambie Orphanage will have a cook/house keeper, a part-time Vietnamese teacher, Dominic, who is French and will teach the children computers and French and Suzanne, who will be Mum to these kids and manage the house.

Allambie, which means ‘place of rest’, is also the name of the house that Suzanne was looked after in Saigon in the early seventies. Suzanne feels that Allambie is “Where she started and that is where she will finish”.

Allambie‘s long-term mission is to educate the children to such a level that we can then get them into apprenticeships within companies in different industries, and get them into successful  jobs and  roof over their heads. The aim is to make them as independent as possible. Also if their grades are good enough, we will endeavour to get them into University.

Out of the children’s full-time school hours, we will encourage extra-curricular activities that they are interested in such as singing, dancing, music, art and painting, learning extra languages and some areas of sport.

The orphanage will be more of a home were they will be loved, helped, encouraged and cared for in a strong family environment.

Suzanne said; “There are still many children that need help in Vietnam, and if I can look after 8-10 children well, and give them the skills to live their own lives later, then all the hard work, sweat and tears will be worth it.”

About Suzanne Hook

Suzanne is a qualified chef by trade and worked up from trainee to Head Chef. She worked as a chef for 13 years and then decided to go back to school to complete a business degree. She then spent two years in recruitment as a consultant in the financial sector but then decided to give it up to care for her mother who died from breast cancer.

Afterwards, Suzanne then retrained again, but this time in the beauty industry and opened up a nail business which has now been running for the last eight years. Within the business, Suzanne has completed consultancy work with other nail businesses and was appointed as a troubleshooter.