Hello everyone and welcome, I would like to thank all of you who have signed-up to the Allambie newsletter.

The last few months have been very busy and my feet haven’t touched the ground. When I first made this decision to open up an orphanage in Saigon I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and a lot of hard work lays ahead of me and wasn’t sure if I was totally mad or brave but only time will tell on that answer.

When I went to Saigon in April for 12 days, I managed to secure a house for me and the children through the help of my friend Jin. The Landlord who I will be renting the house from has kindly wavered the deposit and is letting us rent the house cheaper than what he could, as he wants to help these children which is just brilliant!

I also choose the eight children which was very difficult as there are so many children that need help. I have for the last five years been sponsoring and helping an orphanage in Saigon which now has 70 children, and I felt that this orphanage has got too big and some of the children are being lost in the numbers. I have chosen the eight children from this orphanage as I feel that they need more one to one help and special care and attention in different aspects of their lives.

I also found the full time cook/house keeper that will live with us. The cook used to work at the orphanage I sponsor so the children know her well. She is lovely lady very round and motherly and always smiling and every time I went to the orphanage – she would throw her arms round me and squeeze me to death, she adores the children and vice versa.  For me it is important that the children are surrounded by people that they know, so that the move is not so dramatic for them and that I can get them settled in to their new home quickly.

I have also found the part-time Vietnamese school teacher that will help the children with there homework three times a week. I will be attending Vietnamese language course in November out in Saigon, so that I can talk to children in Vietnamese and understand when people are talking to me generally. I know have to be able to speak my own native tongue if I am to survive in Saigon. Though being Dyslexic it is going to be an up hill struggle as I can just about get my head round English!

Since being back in the UK in May, I announced my news to friends and public which is when the hard work begun!

The website as you can see is up and running and Paul Gibson kindly donated his time in setting this up and is hosting it free of charge. Since the website has gone up I have had some donations and loads of support with many people wanting to fund raise for Allambie.

In particial Viktoria Cowley is a fellow Vietnamese adoptee and is fundraising for Allambie, Viktoria will be absailing down a 200ft cliff in Wales on Saturday 21st August. Viktoria will also be doing a tandem sky dive a month later and staying in a hunted house for the night.

Jaki Clibbon is a fellow Vietnamese adoptee and is fund raising for Allambie and is holding a clothes swap  and auction party along with a catwalk show. This is being held in Norwich on Saturday 7th August.

Nic Cleve another fellow Vietnamese adoptee did a fund raiser at Woodhall Manor in May and raised £550 for Allambie orphanage. Nic is also giving his time free of charge and is designing and printing pamphlet leaflets for Allambie.

Anne MCcrudden who was one of nurses that looked after me when I was baby in the orphanage in Saigon is busy knitting tea cosy’s and mobile phone covers and is selling these to raise money for Allambie.

In the mean time my house is now on the market for sale and has been for the last three weeks so fingers crossed. The only problem with having it on the market is that I have to keep the house clean at all times which is hard for me as I hate housework! The business plan has been done and all the forms have been sent of to the government to register Allambie as a charity.

Once we have Allambie orphanage registered, we can then use the JustGiving.com button which will make life so much easier for people and companies wanting to donate. When this is complete, the pamphlets leaflets can then be printed and used.

The charity bank account has been opened and any cheques can now be made payable to Allambie orphanage.

I am in the middle of filling all the forms out to get my Vietnamese passport but this has not been easy as many of the forms have been in Vietnamese, so I have had to rely on my brothers wife who is Vietnamese to help me. I’m not sure was good thing or not as she informed me that a I didn’t need to fill in much of it, so we shall see what they have to say. I am expecting them to take one look and shake their heads and send me home to start again!

I had to go and get my passport photos done which I always hate and no matter how hard I try not to move or smile to much I still look like a complete idiot. Although I have to say the only time I actually liked a passport photo of me was done in Saigon. They take you into a studio and pose you, take your photo and then in minutes airbrushed your photo and you end up looking like a super model!

Although, this did come back to haunt me later as when I tried to get back in to England the migration man took ages looking at my photo and finally said Ms this photo doesn’t look like you. I smiled sweetly and said oh why do I look younger in real life and he shook his head and said no Ms you look much older in the flesh! I was gutted and since then have only used passport photos that make me look like an idiot and I have no trouble with passport control!

I do though have moments of complete panic and self doubt which I guess is understandable as I am taking on such a big project. I also admit I get scared just thinking about it, as I want to be able to help these children and give them a loving home, education and hope for the future.

I value all your support and look forward to sharing the ups and downs of Allambie orphanage life with you. So hold on to your hats as this is going to be one hell of ride and this is just the beginning!