Allambie would like to say a special big thank you to the following people:

All the children’s sponsors, without whom, my work at Allambie would not be possible.

Mike Hook for his support in getting Allambie its charity status and for donating the children’s new keyboard to enable their music lessons. Also for his continued support to me and the kids.

Paul Gibson for setting up the Allambie website and for his on-going support and work with the website. Also for buying all the children bags upon bags of books to help with their school work.

Erin McCall for meeting up with me and kids in Saigon and her kind donation.

Sandrine Colas and her partner, a fellow Vietnamese adoptee, who came to Saigon and spent time with the Allambie children and for their kind donation.

Mike Frailey, another Vietnamese adoptee, who bought the Allambie children a brand new laptop computer. This will make such a differences to their lives; it will help them with their school work and means that they now don’t have to go and sit in an internet café and can work at home.

Trista Goldberg, another Vietnamese adoptee, who brought the lap-top over from America on behalf of Mike and also for her kind donation.

Catherine Kirkwood’s son Sam, who very kindly sent the children a lovely letter and his own teddy, colouring pencils and book. Mung takes the teddy to bed with her every night.

Toni Harrison, Anne Mcrudden, Wendy and John Goodship, Victoria Cowley and Tuyet Carr for their support in keeping me supplied with Paxo stuffing, coffee, Bisto gravy, baking trays, mp3 players and books for the children.

Victoria Cowley for donating money from the sale of her hand crafted handbags.

Mary Bolton who raised funds for Allambie by doing a sponsored sky-dive.

Emma Bolton who raised funds for Allambie through a cake sale at work.

Rachael Smith and her partner Spencer who came to Vietnam and spent time with us at Allambie and brought a box of goodies for the children.

Timka, who was our first official volunteer. Timka spent six weeks volunteering at Allambie.

Julia Hirst for the support given to me here in Saigon, for volunteering at Allambie and donating our DVD player.

There are many others that have made significant contributions, and if I’ve forgotten to name you, I apologise and to this end, I’d like thank everyone for their kind words, donations and support. With your support, Allambie goes from strength to strength. So much so that we are now in the process of getting two more children, and I hope that they will be join us by the end of June.