Fundraiser to free fall from 12,000 feet for Allambie

Board member, Mike Hook is to take part in a daring challenge and hopefully raise much needed funds for Allambie Orphanage. On Mike’s JustGiving page, he says; “You’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that this is no ordinary parachute jump but involves free falling from 12,000ft and as I’ve never jumped before, this method […]

Ashleigh – September 2011

Ashleigh – September 2011 When I first arrived in Vietnam I had no idea what to expect from the experience. I was excited but apprehensive at the same time as I was unsure of what kind of challenges might lay ahead, but I wanted to really give it my best shot. I am lucky enough […]

Rafaela – October 2011

My first impression when I sat down to have tea with Suzanne was ‘Okay, she is definitely a real Mum’! The way she was looking at me and assessing whether I was trustworthy of entering her home is clearly what a Mum does, not everyone can come near her kids. Straight away I wanted to […]

Mark Eggering – May 2012

I’m a Vietnamese adoptee from the US who decided to finally make the trip back to Vietnam after 38 years. I had an absolutely wonderful trip and one of my biggest highlights was meeting Suzanne and the incredible children at the Allambie Orphanage. I was introduced to Suzanne through a mutual friend, who happened to […]

Prue – March 2012

March 2012 – Prue I was planning to spend a month in Vietnam working in an orphanage. I had been to Vietnam twice before and I wanted to work somewhere, that wasn’t built to suit tourists, or corrupt. My options were therefore limited. I was drawn to Allambie, because it really was just so different […]

Mark Ledwick – February 2012

February 2012 Mark Ledwick I’ve just returned from an excellent time in Vietnam with Suzanne and the Allambie kids. It’s amazing to see what is happening and what a difference some time, attention and a little money can make to young people’s lives. The kids are fantastic and it was a privilege to be able […]

Helen Ledwick and Paul Brickles – January 2012

Helen Ledwick And Paul Brickles – Jan 2012 Our experience has been wonderful from start to finish! We heard about Allambie through a mutual friend and were keen to meet Suzanne and the children whilst visiting Vietnam. We were a little anxious at first, wondering what we had to offer kids with such a wide […]

Una – July 2011

Una – 2nd July 2011 – 2 weeks volunteering at Allambie I first heard of Allambie as I lay in bed watching the ITV news, I was about to turn off the TV and go to sleep when Suzanne’s story came on, as I sat there listening to her interview I knew I would be […]

Linda, Phil, Luca and Bump – June 2011

We heard about Suzanne and Allambie, as a result of a purely chance meeting with a friend of Suzanne’s, just as we set out to travel for 6 months through South East Asia. We were so inspired and moved by their incredible story that we contacted Suzanne in the hope that we could volunteer and […]

Timka – February 2011

I have just finished 2months volunteering at Allambie and I have to say, it’s been fantastic! I’ve been lucky enough to be the first volunteer to Allambie and have definately had some unforgettable experiences i.e my 25th birthday and Tet (Vietnamese New Year) in the countryside with a Vietnamese family. This was my first time […]