When we hear the word ‘orphanage’ a lot of images come to mind, many of them not too pleasant, but as I walked through the gates of Allambie for the first time, I knew this way outside of those pre- conceived notions.

Everyone was at the table with loads of great-smelling nutritious food, kids of all ages chatting, eating, joking around, and Suzanne at the head, gently managing what for many would be unmanageable. After the meal, clean-up was quick, efficient and thorough. Everyone has a place and role here. I worked with Nhi on her English lessons on Saturdays and I was impressed every time I came to Allambie by the way Suzanne encourages the children there to be their best, to learn about love and family not by talking about it, but by doing it.

It seems like a little miracle that this place came together by sheer force of love, and I hope that it can get stronger and bigger so that more kids can have the chance to thrive as a part of the big Allambie family!

Cora Higgins, Boston, USA