March 2012 – Prue

I was planning to spend a month in Vietnam working in an orphanage. I had been to Vietnam twice before and I wanted to work somewhere, that wasn’t built to suit tourists, or corrupt. My options were therefore limited. I was drawn to Allambie, because it really was just so different compared to all the other orphanages I had been looking at.

Working at Allambie, was a truly life changing experience. Allambie is not an orphanage as much as it is a home. Suzanne truly is the children’s everything.

Like any mother of 6 kids, she is a busy lady. As well as running the household, managing the timetable of extra math lessons, Kung Fu classes, knowing who will be home for dinner that night, and what time everyone is expected home.

As a volunteer, I felt I truly was making a contribution. Allowing Suzanne a few hours in the day, to email sponsors, balance the accounts, try and raise more funds. While I had the most amazing experience spending time with the kids.

I was at Allambie almost everyday. Most afternoons were spent with Mung and Chuyen reading English books, practicing pronunciation, and playing word games. This time was designated for our “English Lesson” but I was the one being taught.

The Kids are just so beautiful. Willing to let me into there home, share their meals, hang out in their rooms, listen to music together, go out for ice-cream.
Their favorite activity seemed to be the movies followed by ice cream. Or ice cream followed by the movies.

The kids let me take them bowling, to the park, some days they were just happy to hang out and watch T.V and go on the internet…though that may have been because t.v time was limited at home!

Being able to spend time with these children was an incredible experience. One that I hope to be able to return to Allambie during my next trip to Vietnam.