anne-profile-picWe spent the Holidays ( Christmas and New Years) in Vietnam. My son and family joined us from Zhuhi, China. While there, we planned to see two of the adult adoptees I had met at the Reunion in 2009.

Hung (Brian) from the US and Suzanne Thi Hein Hook, who had returned to England with the promise to return to VN and open an Orphanage named for her place of origin, Allambie II.

We called and set a time to meet. Suzanne greeted us at the street. We walked about half block to a lovely home. It was cool inside. Very necessary in VN. The little kids were out but we were able to talk with the two eldest. The girls were bright faced, happy with their situation, and glad to have a mom! The Christmas tree was in the front room. Packages wrapped and under the tree. Suzanne showed my husband and me the whole place. Four floors….it was obvious that they had all cleaned their rooms, as the beds were all in order.

There was plenty of room and it was a comfortable atmosphere. Suzanne has worked very hard to make a home for these children. After being an active part of foreign adoption for 38 years, I can say that the one constant for orphans is to get them a home with parents who love and respect them. It is very heart warming to see those words put into action. After a lovely afternoon, we agreed to meet at Brian’s new Hung Pho store. The next day….for Pho’s all around. The children were very good, they enjoyed their meal and we could see that they were relaxed and happy. We were very happy we took the time to visit ALLAMBIE II.

If your travels take you to Saigon, I recommend you plan on a visit. Love you, Suzanne..keep up the great work. Ann and Joe