I can’t believe how quickly the time goes by. The Allambie children are doing well and have really settled into their new home and area and they have all made friends.

Allambie Orphanage is very proud to share the great news that Chuyen and Mung gradated from Junior School on Sunday 26th May. Five and half years ago they were rescued from a very over crowed and badly run orphanage, Chuyen and Mung had been at the same level of schooling (level 1) with the old orphanage for over 2 years!!!!! When they first arrived at Allambie, they could not even count to ten in Vietnamese or understand basic Vietnamese grammar.

11282461_1091506180864631_1030788111_oNow 5 years later after a lot of hard work and studying and extra lessons after school Chuyen and Mung have graduate TOP of their class. These two amazing children have worked so hard to get to this point.

Allambie is so very proud and over whelmed by how far they have come and what these two young children have achieved.

In May the children broke up for their summer holidays and had two and half months of school, though Chuyen, Mung and Long still went to summer school in the morning for 6 weeks for 3 hours a day. The children enjoyed their summer holidays because it meant not getting up at 6am in the morning! Schools in Vietnam start their classes early and often school starts between 6.30/7am and finishes at 4.30/5pm, which is long day.

In May we found a volunteer English teacher for Le Hoang Nhan, called Lauren Kent, she sees him every week helps him with his English and writing, his English is coming along and he has really fitted well into the Allambie family and he is always smiling now and laughs a lot and the other children really look after him.

IMG_0296In August the children went back to school, Mung and chuyen are now in High school level 6 and their new school is 5 mins walk from the Allambie house.

Allambie Is pleased to announce the great news Le Hoang Nhan, who has now been with Allambie 10 months is now enrolled and going to full time school at level 7. He has been going to school part time for the last few months, BUT the teachers have now agreed and feel that he can go full time as he has worked hard learning to write with his left hand and has kept up with his studies and classes he is a one very happy boy as he wanted to go to school! Even with one hand Le Hoang Nhan is prove that you can achieve anything with hard work and determination. He now attends the same high school as chuyen and Mung, which is fantastic news, and Allambie is so very proud of him.

photo 1-1Allambie is also pleased to tell you that Nhi is now in full time college, Nhi started in September, it is a two and half year multi-media course and will graduate with a diploma. Nhi is so happy that she is now in college and Nhi is doing well and has made friends, she finds the college course challenging at times but I know she will do well and do her best which is what we say to all the Allambie children just do the best you can.

Allambie would like to say big welcome to Lauren Kent, Gracie Harrison and Nick Philips who now volunteer every week at Allambie and they all mentor a child and are building great friendships with their child.

In October we had over seas volunteers Abi Grimsaw and her boyfriend Sam Luke visit the Allambie children, this is Abi’s third visit to Allambie she has given her weeks school holiday to spend it with the children. The children enjoyed spending time with them and Abi and Sam treated the children spent time with them bowling, day at the pool, dinner out etc.  For Allambie it is lovely to know that our volunteers want to return and see the progress that the children have made, and all volunteers have kept in touch with the children and I which means so much to me and all volunteers are part of the Allambie family.

In October I also returned to Allambie to visit the children and surprised them by walking through the doors at dinner time, we had screams of delight and tears of joy and it was an emotional reunion for me and the children as I have been away from them for 8 months. The children and I had a great time hanging out with each other; our closeness and family unit was still as strong as ever. Though I returned to the UK at the end of November. I will be based in the UK full time, as sadly my health will not allow me to stay in Saigon full time. I will be visiting the children as often as my health allows to me from now on.

I will now be running the office side of Allambie from the UK and the team in Saigon will carry on running Allambie. Thank you Steve Andoe, Mark Young, Lynn McDonald, Auntie and Ms. Bich. I can see first hand that the Allambie children are happy, health and doing well and Allambie is running exactly the same as if I was here. The Saigon teams are doing a brilliant job and it is testament to their hard work, support and love for these children.

Thank you all for your continued support to these amazing children we couldn’t do it with out you.

Thank you x