Allambie would like to take this opportunity to say thank you firstly to Liz Murphy and the Marlow TWA group who have been a great support to Allambie and raised money and provided the orphanage with much needed medicine, new watches and other goodies.

The children were so happy to receive their watches which means that they can now make sure that get to school on time.

Allambie would also like to say a Huge Thank you to Patricia Graham who donated money to buy all the children Christmas presents. The Allambie children wrote letters to Santa Clause and with Patricia’s money I was able to make their letters come true.

Allambie would also like to say a HUGE thank to all our volunteers that live in Saigon. Our amazing volunteers give up there time to teach the Allambie children extra English once a week and the Allambie children are thriving with their teachers help.

allambie-xmas-2015This year a lot has happened but the children have taken all the changes in the stride. The Allambie children are all doing well and settled into their new schools and are looking forward to Christmas day.

Allambie could not have got through this year with out all your support, donations and kind words.

Have a great Christmas everyone and we will see you all in the New Year.

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