Firstly I would like to say a big happy new year to you all, I can’t believe that April is all ready upon us.  Allambie would like to say a big Thank you to all of Gracie Harrison’s friends especially Phil Skelton and Katrina Skelton, Alison Taylor, Angie Skelton, Anne-marie Szabo and Loren Harrison. Who donated money and Christmas presents to the Allambie children, they were very excited and over whelmed to see so many fantastic gifts arrive from England.

The Allambie children are doing well and it has been a busy time for them at school. They all had exams just before Christmas, so the children spent a busy December revising and they got their exams results just before the TET holidays.  They all did very well in their exams and the extra lessons have certainly helped them.

TET Vietnamese lunar New Year arrived early this year at start of February the children went to the countryside to spend time with their grandparents. In Vietnam every year over TET everything closes down for nearly 2 weeks and the Vietnamese people all go back to their countryside to spend time with their families. Allambie encourages the children to spend with their grandparents, as the family environment is very important to Allambie. We make sure that the children take food parcels with them to help the grandparents feed them. The children that don’t have any immediate family go with the other children to the countryside, which is nice and the grandparents make them f eel welcome and part of the family.

In March we celebrated my birthday and they sang me happy birthday and the children made me a cake out of a china plate and candles lol. So I treated the children to a real birthday cake, which they thoroughly enjoyed. I cant believe how much the children have changed since they first arrived at Allambie in 2010 and over the last 6 years how Allambie has expanded and been able take in new children and this happened because of your help and support to Me and the Allambie children.

In May all the children will be breaking up for their summer holidays and well-deserved rest from full time school, though the children will still be attending summer school for their English lessons.

Allambie is urgently seeking your help. We are looking for donations and ideally a personal sponsor for our new child Bear. Lê Hoàng Nhân who we call Bear came to us following a horrific accident. Although only 14, Le Hoang Nhan was originally in another orphanage that was over crowded and badly run. In November 2014 he ran away and returned to his countryside but sadly his father could not support him and he returned to the city. On his first day at work in a meat processing plant, he was left unsupervised in charge of a mincing machine and ended up losing his hand. Unable to afford hospital treatment and abandoned by his extended family, Bear was bought to Allambie in desperation.

We’re now appealing for help to continue his education and assist in his rehabilitation.

We are extremely grateful for all the support and sponsorship that we receive from our global family. If you feel that you can make a one off donation, however small, or perhaps even a regular monthly payment, both Allambie and Bear would be eternally grateful. As little as £1 per day will pay for his schooling and medical care.

Over the last 6 years Allambie Orphanage has continually proven that orphaned and abandoned children can thrive in a home environment that is sadly lacking in many other orphanages here in Ho Chi Minh.

Family  Bear

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