Hello everyone wow its October all ready, I hope you have all had a great summer. The last five months have been quiet ones for the Allambie children.

In May the children finished school for the summer, the Allambie children have two and half months of school as it is very hot in June and July and the rainy season is in full swing then as well.

The children did well in the their end of year exams in May and they had nice summer break.  The younger children did attend summer school at the British Council for 2 months during June and July.

The children spent the rest of the summer holidays hanging out their friends, their volunteers and sleeping lol.


Firstly I have to say a huge thank you to Audley Mote House in Maidstone Kent, they did a fundraiser for Allambie and held a craft fair Sale in May it was well attended and they raised £1,166 for Allambie, the craft fair was also mentioned in the Local Kent paper.  

I have to say a special thank you to Mrs MacLauchlan, Mrs Lock, Mrs Williams, Mrs Mason and the craft club from Audley Mote House who where the ones that organised the fundraiser and made some amazing things that were sold on the day.


I went over at the end of June and spent 2 weeks with the children and was busy with meetings and over seeing visitors to Allambie. It was a lovely two weeks and whilst I was there I managed to secure a new dentist that have agreed to treat all the children for free, which is brilliant news. The Allambie children are now all booked in for their check ups in December.


I also have to thank Linda Burgess and her family that came and visited Allambie in July, they spent an afternoon with the children and brought with them some much needed medicine and some lovely goodies for the children. The medicine is a great help to us and it was amazing to see just how much they brought with them we had everything that we needed which will keep us going for a while

The rainy season is the time of the year when the children get ill the most with coughs, colds, headaches and sore throats because of heat, humidity and rain and we do go through a lot medicine with 9 children.

The rainy season has been very bad this year, with a lot of flooding and it gets quite cold in the mornings. Lucky where the orphanage is the flooding has not been too bad, plus I brought all the children new waterproof raincoats and trousers from England, which the children loved and couldn’t wait to wear them!


Also whilst I was there I managed to get our new child Lê Hoàng Nhân who we call Bear into the top English school in Vietnam the British Council, they have kindly agreed to give him lessons for free which is amazing news.

Bears English is very basic and for him to be able to go the British Council for free and learn English twice a week will be a great help for him and boost his confidence as well as make new friends.

The Children have now started their new school year in August and will be sitting their first lot of exams in October/November. Plus they have started their extra lessons of math’s, English, physics and chemistry and Vietnamese grammar, which they all have in the evenings during the week.

Sa will be sitting her final college exam in October and she is rather nervous but I know she will do well, once she passes she will then be able to graduate from College and I for one know that I will cry with pride when she goes up to get her certificate. It will be a very proud moment for her and Allambie.

Nhi one of the Allambie children who is studying Multi- media course at college and who is also a keen on photographer took an update photo of all the Allambie children, which I have to say is beautiful.  

I would also like to mention a young man called Barry Gardner who did a fundraiser for Allambie he atempted 50km paragliding flight in the Himalayas in October, Our thoughts and wishes were with him. The Himalayas are HUGE even in the foothills but Barry managed to stay in the air on his last flight for 2 hrs. 53 mins and flew to a height of 10,406 ft.! …  Allambie would like to thank him and everyone that sponsored him for wanting to support us in such an AMAZING AND VERY BRAVE WAY!


I will be going in to Vietnam December to spend 7 weeks with the children and will be there for Christmas, which we are all very excited about.

I look forward to telling you all how the children did in their exams in the next newsletter and I thank you all for your continued support to Allambie Orphanage.


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