Name: Gau Ucich Date of Birth: 3/6/1992 History: Gau Ucich who we call Jang, He was brought to Allambie’s attention through a friend. Gau Ucich has had a turbulent childhood, his mother from an early age sent him out on to the streets to work and he did not go to school. Jang’s mother would […]

Zen Lũ

Name: Zen Lũ Date of Birth: 2/22/1992 History:his mother who asked us to help her son brought Zen Lu who we call Bi to Allambie. Bi’s mother could not afford to send him to school or look after him. Bi has had a lot of emotional problems and his mother did not know how deal […]

Le Hoang Nhan


Name: Le Hoang Nhan Birth date: 29/12/2001 History: Lê Hoàng Nhân who we call Bear came to us following a horrific accident. Although only 14, Le Hoang Nhan was originally in another orphanage that was over crowded and badly run. In November 2014 he ran away and returned to his countryside but sadly his father could not support him […]

Allambie Newsletter November to Jan 2017


Firstly I would like wish everyone a Happy New Year and hoping that you all had a great Christmas. I am pleased to announce that I have returned to Saigon to run Allambie Orphanage full time again.  My health is better and I returned to the Allambie children in November. I decided In September to […]