15895783_10155779585289012_5177126088982394377_oFirstly I would like wish everyone a Happy New Year and hoping that you all had a great Christmas.

I am pleased to announce that I have returned to Saigon to run Allambie Orphanage full time again.  My health is better and I returned to the Allambie children in November. I decided In September to return to Saigon and then spent the next few months putting everything in place to make it happen.

Though it was sad to say goodbye to friend’s and family again but they were pleased that I was going back to


be with children.

In November I surprised the children with the help of two of our volunteers, they treated the children to a special dinner and I turned up while the children where eating and told them the great news that I would be staying in Saigon full time again.

It was an emotional reunion and the children and I were crying tears of happiness and we had lots of hugs.

The children are doing well and they sat exams at school in December and then had a few days off school for Christmas and New Year.

Christmas day was amazing for us and it was very special as we had some of our volunteers and close friends join us for Christmas dinner and I treated the children to whole turkey which arrived on the back of a motorbike all ready cooked, as I didn’t have an oven big enough to cook a turkey lol.15936663_10155779587124012_6474294505887601939_o

I would like to say a huge thank you to Patricia Graham who donated money to Allambie so that I could buy the children some Christmas presents, which they loved. We also played games such as pass the parcel, which the kids really enjoyed!

Allambie would like to say HUGE THANK YOU to Jane Beresford who flew over from Thailand just to visit me and the children and treated us all to an afternoon of Ice-cream. I met Jane in 2010 when she was working for The BBC on the “Taking A Stand” radio programme that I did with Fergal Keane, we have kept in touch ever since. For me it was very special to show Jane, Allambie Orphanage and for her to see how far Allambie has come since that interview in 2010, when it was just vision in my head to now a reality.


Now we are into 2017! The last few months have gone so quick and this month we are getting ready for TET – Vietnamese lunar New Year. This year it is very early and over the next few weeks things will start to wind down here in Saigon and shops start to close and the children will have two weeks off school because of TET, which they are looking forward to.

I’m look forward sharing with you all our adventures and I thank you for your continued support to Allambie Orphanage.

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