Hello Everyone I can’t believe that we are in coming to the end of April already, the months are flying by past.

Towards the end of January we celebrated TET, Vietnamese Luna New Year. This year it came early; it usually falls towards of the end of February. The children all had two weeks of school and they spent the two weeks in the countryside with their grandparents. Allambie buys all the tickets for the children’s buses and we load them up with food parcels, this helps the grandparents to feed them. At TET the city is decorated with the most beautiful flower displays and the city comes alive with an array of colours.16402600_1227796763941942_7588839135054192716_o

The children have been busy with their studies and I am proud to say that their school marks have gone up. Some of the children have been away on school trips.

I would like to say a huge thank you Linda burgess who donated a bag of goodies filled with medicine, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc. and this was much needed.

A few months ago our washing machine completely died, over the last year we had been getting it repaired but in Jan it stopped working complete, Allambie would also like to say a huge thank you to Bill Scrogins, his friends and family for fundraising and raising 8,000,000vnd, his family and friends donated the money to Allambie so we could go and buy a new washing machine. The money that was raised was life a saver to Allambie, as we could never afford to buy a new machine. After buying the washing machine there was also some money left over. I brought some new bedding, pillows and towels for all the children. The money that was raised has really helped us and you have no idea what it means to us to have a new washing machine thank you so much Bill Scrogin and family.

15384464_1173992669322352_4663544739506556513_oThe new washing machine we now have is bigger and simpler to use which is good as it is amazing how many clothes we have to wash looking after 9 kids!!!!

The last four months have been very busy at Allambie, we have had quite a visitors and new volunteers joining Allambie.

One of our visitors was Patricia Graham and her partner Paul, Patricia has been supporting Allambie for over 5 years now, the children and I call her grandma and the last time we saw her was back in 2013. I didn’t tell the children she was coming instead we surprised them and when they saw grandma walk through the doors of Allambie there were huge screams of delight and tears of joy. Grandma also brought one more surprise with her, one of her best friends Eva Green the Hollywood actress had sent over an amazing bag of goodies for the children. Eva Green had given the children, T-shirts, books, games, posters, etc. from her recent TV show Penny Dreadful and her film Miss Peregrine’s Home for peculiar children.03506ec6d259615a658d1930be373d16--seductive-makeup-green-eyes-makeup

The children were so happy and so shocked with the bag of goodies and they felt very special and honoured that Eva Green had remembered them. Thank you so much Eva Green.

The children and I had a so much fun spending time with grandma so much so that on grandma’s last night the children asked her when she would be back, she said that she wanted to come back and see them all in November/December this year. The children were so happy to hear that, they even made her sign a promise letter saying that she would defiantly be back this year bless them.

17836790_10155061793969002_1193829573_o copyWhen I set up Allambie in 2010 the ethos was and still is centred round family, a home and love and for the Allambie children it is always so special and nice when visitors and volunteers keep in touch and come back and visit us, and it is important to me and the children that they all feel apart of the Allambie family.

We also had a visit from Ben Lowsley-Williams and his son Sam from England who TREATED the Allambie children to a day out on the Bo Cap Van water river park. We all went swimming and we had a lovely picnic and barbecue. We had an amazing day filled with lots laughter, fun games and food. Thank you so much Ben for a great day. The weather here has got very hot, it has now reached 39 degrees and so a day on the river was the best way for us all to cool off.

I17838769_1295601717161446_709572094_o am pleased to announce that Allambie is now on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/allambieorphanage/. We also have a new Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AllambieOrphange. We have also updated our Allambie twitter account https://mobile.twitter.com/account. So please have a look and start following us and see what Allambie does on a daily and weekly basis.

Allambie would like to welcome two new volunteers Ashley Carter and Anthony wood. Ashley Carter is now Little Longs volunteer teacher and she does one to one English lessons at Allambie and Long really looks forward to his lessons with Ashley.

Anthony Wood is now Chuyen’s Volunteer teacher a17105977_1257654900956128_1212562699_ond does one to one English lesson at Allambie. Anthony is helping Chuyen with his writing and spelling.

Thank You for your continued support to Allambie and I look forward to telling you more in the next newsletter.

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