A large orphanage, siblings separated into large dormitory rooms with barred walls, walls that locked the children in at night. Nobody could flourish in an environment like this.


The inception of Allambie orphanage was possible because of one, very brave woman who couldn’t stand to see the neglect that these children were experiencing.


The Allambie orphanage breaks all stereotypes of third world country orphanages. These children have been granted a second chance. They are creating their own family, living in a loving home, and attending school, which is a great privilege (and very expensive) in Vietnam.


These children have been given their childhood back. They have experienced neglect and trauma in their short lives, but upon meeting them you would never know it.


They radiate joy, happiness, and love. They play, they laugh, they make jokes, and thanks to the British Council giving the Allambie children free English lessons they speak great English.


They have been gifted the opportunity to be successful, to grow up and have the tools to build a life for themselves. Allambie should be an example for all orphanages; by supporting them you can help this concept grow.


The concept that orphaned children are not a burden. They are lovely human beings that have unfortunately seen the worst of life at a young age. By supporting them you are guaranteeing that their life, from this point forward will be better, happier, and more secure.


Please take a moment to give what you can, anything helps. If you can’t afford to give anything, sharing this story would also be a great help.


Thank you to all who took the time to read their story.

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