I got to know Suzanne and the children from Allambie whist spending 5 months in Saigon 2016/7.


During this time, I was extremely privileged to have been welcomed into the family on many occasions, from dinners with them to days out. The elder children kindly helped me several times as guides taking me around Saigon on scooters and helping me with various projects.


Payment was always refused as I was considered a friend and doing so would imply I didn’t feel the same way! During the time I spent with them my son and a friend of his were also invited along.


It was the following quote from my son’s 19 year old friend sent to me after his month long (action packed) trip in Vietnam that summed up my own feelings about Allambie. “Please send my love to all at Allambie, if I’m honest the time spent with them was the highlight of my trip”. I wish that I had a family as close as them”


Allambie was for me also the most inspirational, wonderful and worthwhile thing I found in Vietnam.


Many thanks and much love to all at Allambie, always in my thoughts.

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