Jo Hill 30th May 2017 – Visit to Allambie Orphanage


The best type of family


I recently went to Saigon to see my long time friend and whilst there happened to meet one of the greatest examples of a true family, that I am lucky enough to now hopefully call my friends and more importantly, my extended family.


Everyone at the Allambie orphanage knows what it’s like to have struggled, but the love they have and the support they give to each other is immense. Even in the brief couple of times I met them I could see it displayed. I think the family unit that has been formed is commendable, not as easy job to do, but Suzanne has created something fantastic and I am so proud to know her.


I look forward to seeing them all again when I go back, as well as hearing how they all get on in life over the coming years.


Life can be hard, but with the right kind of support and love, you can pretty much overcome everything and remain positive and that is displayed in abundance at Allambie.


I look forward to learning more Vietnamese card games and perhaps winning a few rounds 😉

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