Allambie Newsletter May to August 2017


Well its August all ready and I can honestly say the last 4 months have been extremely busy. I really do not know where to being as Allambie has so much to tell you all.


In May the children all broke up from school for the summer holidays, they have two and half months of school from May to August as the weather is far to hot for the children.

The younger children though went to summer school every day in the morning for 3 hours, which kept them busy for a little while.


The children have enjoyed having the break from school and have spent time hanging out with their friends and having fun and sometimes I have allowed them to stay at their friends for a night which is nice treat for them.

In May the children had a lovely surprise Chloe Weightman returned to Saigon and surprised the Allambie children. Chloe first visited Allambie back in 2013 and made a lasting impressions on the children especially Chuyen. Chloe treated the children to a lovely lunch followed by ice cream, it was a flying visit but the children were pleased to see her and it meant a lot to them that she took the time to return to Saigon to see them.

Firstly towards the end of April an organisation called Saigon SOS contacted me, in fact I knew one the members Matt Ryan and we have been friends a few years. Saigon SOS is an organisation that was set to fundraise for small charity’s here in Vietnam. Saigon SOS approached me and said that they wanted to do a fundraiser for Allambie.

Over the whole of May I worked closely with Matt and Stu the founders of Saigon SOS. They organised the whole fundraiser and managed to get some amazing raffle prizes.


They also introduced me to some amazing companies and people that really wanted to come on board and help Allambie long term.


May was busy with so many visitors and a lot of meetings and at times I did find it rather over whelming, meeting so many new people that really wanted to help Allambie long term!


The Saigon SOS fundraiser was held at a place called Saigon upper rooftop, which was an amazing venue with sweeping views of the whole Saigon.


Me and some of the older Allambie children were there at the fundraiser and the older children did the photography for the night and Nhi made 2 amazing promo videos that were shown on the night, to promote Allambie and to let people see what Allambie was all about.


The night was amazing and I could not believe how many people showed up to support Allambie, the night was filled with lots raffle prizes, games such as blind date, cocktail competition and lots of other games.


The event started at 6pm and finished at around 3am in the morning, it was long evening but an amazing one. Saigon SOS raised 40,000,000vnd for Allambie, which was just brilliant.


Not only that one of the companies that offered raffle prizes for the fundraiser was a large hotel called the Grand Ho Tram Strip in Vung Tau. They requested a meeting with me and so I met up the a Guy called Joshua Turner, at the meeting he informed me that the CEO of the company wanted to help Allambie long term and wanted to give the Allambie children a special present- He wanted to give all the Allambie children and me an all expense paid 2 night 3 day holiday at the 5 star Grand hotel everything free, meals all included!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also through Saigon SOS one of our special visitors that we had in June was a personal visit from the ‘people’s champion’ MBE JIMMY WHITE very famous English Snooker player!!!!! Yes you read right. He was in Saigon doing a snooker tournament from England and heard about Allambie Orphanage and wanted to come and visit us personally.


For me it was a surreal moment as I grew up watching Jimmy White play snooker on TV and so to have him sitting on the sofa at Allambie talking to the children was something that I will never forget, he also raised some money for Allambie at his Snooker tournament and promised to come back next year and do a charity event especially for Allambie which is amazing!

We also had another famous visitor a young man called Petey who is a famous Vietnamese magician and when the children saw him walk through the doors of Allambie they were in shock. The children spent a lovely evening with him and he did a lot of magic tricks and even showed the children how to do some themselves.


Also we had a special visit from the management team from a company called L’ Usine, they came and visited the children Allambie and brought 2 huge whole cakes for the children, which believe me did not last long with 9 children!


In July the children and I had our amazing free holiday at the 5 star Grand hotel in Vung Tau. We got picked up by private mini bus and driven to the hotel, which took about 3 hours; the children slept most of the way, as it was an early start.


When we arrived at the hotel, the Allambie children and I were treated like VIPS throughout the whole of our stay. The rooms were huge and comfortable and all the staff made us feel so welcome. The hotel was HUGE; it had 4 different pools and 9 different restaurants. As well as its own private casino, nightclub, shopping mall, crazy golf course, cinema, Karaoke studio/room and one of the top golf courses in the whole of Saigon!


The first night some of the younger children found the whole experience over whelming and they couldn’t sleep so I had to take them all for walk at 1.30am to calm them down and eventually they got tired and I got them settled around 2.30am.


The children and I spent the next 3 days playing in the pool, having a go at crazy golf, singing our hearts out at karaoke, and watching films in a our own private cinema! As well as having breakfast, lunch and dinner at some of the most amazing restaurants. The holiday went by so quickly and before we knew it was time to leave.


It was an amazing experience and one we will never forget. And I cannot thank the Grand hotel enough for the gift of a holiday of lifetime and the children now have some amazing memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Towards the end of July L’usine invited the Allambie children to a private VIP lunch at their new restaurant and we were one of the first group of people to try the new restaurants food, it was lovely and we had a lovely day hanging out with Olivier Delmotte and his team.

Allambie is doing another fundraiser in October, I, 2 of the Allambie children and 17 friends and volunteers are going to climb the highest mountain in Indochina called Fansipan Mountain. Fansipan Mountain is found in the north of Vietnam in a place called Sapa. It will take 2 days climb t the top of the mountain and we will be sleeping on the mountain one night as well. It is going to be hard challenge and will push some of us to our limits but we are looking forward to the challenge and we hoping to raise £15,000 between us so that Allambie can help even more children in the future.

Thank you for your continued support to Allambie Orphanage.

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