I first heard about Suzanne and Allambie in 2012 while listening to BBC Radio 4. As soon as I heard the details of Suzanne’s mission to found her own refuge for children I was moved to compassion and wanted to make my own contribution.


I didn’t actually make it to HCMC until 2017. Slightly later than planned but I’m so glad I did. The high point of my visit was going to a bowling alley with the kids and then for some food. Nobody wanted me on their team, and with good reason. I stink at bowling and got the lowest score!


Suzanne is a remarkable person who has achieved incredible things in the face of great adversity. No child should have to live in fear. Suzanne has created a refuge and a safe space where her children have had the chance to grow and see a future for themselves.

I would urge anyone reading this to make a contribution.  Make a donation or give of your time. It’s one of the most worthwhile things you could ever do.

I’m going to visit again as soon as I can.

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