Merry Christmas from Allambie

Allambie would like to take this opportunity to say thank you firstly to Liz Murphy and the Marlow TWA group who have been a great support to Allambie and raised money and provided the orphanage with much needed medicine, new watches and other goodies. The children were so happy to receive their watches which means […]

The last four months at Allambie have been busy ones.

January was busy because every year Vietnam celebrates the Vietnamese lunar New Year. Tet is a traditional holiday celebrated annually by the Vietnamese to mark the beginning of both spring and the new lunar year. Tet is about getting together with family and friends to exchange gifts, share warm wishes and pay respect and homage […]

Three months, five children and a cook!

Hello everyone, sorry for not writing sooner, but my life here has been very busy indeed.  The last time I wrote we were celebrating Christmas and I had two children.  Since then, it has been a rather emotional, hard and stressful couple of months. Allambie is pleased to announce we now have three more children, […]

Suzanne talks about the first Christmas at Allambie

I can’t believe it has been three weeks since we moved into our new house, it feels like we have been here for much longer than that! To see them so settled and happy and getting to know them has been something that I have dreamt about for a long time.  As the three of […]

First blog from Saigon, Vietnam

Well, it’s been two weeks now since I arrived in Vietnam – the flight was fine and Singapore Airlines let me through with my luggage even though it 15kg too heavy! My best friend Sandra was at Heathrow to see me off with Higgins, and we both burst in tears. The tears continued along the […]

Messages of Support for Suzanne

Bon voyage and good luck Suzanne. Hope all goes well. Will be thinking of you . Hope to come and visit one day . Love from Liz x Hi Suzanne, I wish you every success with the opening of Allambie and very much hope that Leanne and I will be able to visit and support […]

£10,000 raised in London Pub Quiz fundraiser

NOVEMBER BLOG BY SUZANNE THI HIEN HOOK Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I am shattered as I seem to be surviving on around four hours sleep a night at the moment as there are so many emotions and things that I have to do. I now only have three weeks left here […]

It’s the final countdown – Suzanne’s Blog

Hello once again. What can I say, but last month has to one of the craziest and bizarre months of my life. But first, I have the best news ever – I have a buyer for my house HURRAY! I was beginning to get really down about it and thought it would never happen, and […]

The highs and lows. The heels, the trainers!

Hello again everyone. Well, what an amazing few months! I have to admit when I started this project, I had no idea just how much support and help I would receive. It has been overwhelming at times. The most important issue at the moment is that I am still waiting for a buyer for my […]

June 2010 Blog – The latest from Suzanne Thi Hien

Hello everyone and welcome, I would like to thank all of you who have signed-up to the Allambie newsletter. The last few months have been very busy and my feet haven’t touched the ground. When I first made this decision to open up an orphanage in Saigon I knew it wasn’t going to be easy […]