Anthony Wood April – August 2017

Background I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam in late February with a 150 hour TESOL Certificate and an extensive training background in the RAF and Essential Skills adult learning, I was looking forward to restart my teaching career and quickly applied for Native English speaking jobs with various private teaching Organisations. I quickly […]

Jo Hill 30th May 2017

Jo Hill 30th May 2017 – Visit to Allambie Orphanage   The best type of family   I recently went to Saigon to see my long time friend and whilst there happened to meet one of the greatest examples of a true family, that I am lucky enough to now hopefully call my friends and […]

Zoë Tinnes – April 2017

  A large orphanage, siblings separated into large dormitory rooms with barred walls, walls that locked the children in at night. Nobody could flourish in an environment like this.   The inception of Allambie orphanage was possible because of one, very brave woman who couldn’t stand to see the neglect that these children were experiencing. […]

Charlotte Miller – April 2017

I would like to tell you about my time at the Allambie orphanage. I think my preconception of the idea or word of orphanage comes from Victorian times; I didn’t know what I expected to see…skinny, sad children who have been abandoned or neglected in rags. The reality at allambie is completely opposite the words […]

Abbi – February 2014

Kids Painting

I have just come back from an incredible week at the Allambie orphanage. I didn’t really know what to expect when I left, and when we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City and Suzanne told us all of the kids stories, I was even less sure of what to expect at the orphanage, but I […]

JD Gardner – 2013 – 2017

My name is JD and I’ve been volunteering for Allambie for about 5 years now. I really enjoy the atmosphere created by the founder of Allambie. It is a small orphanage, which has helped the children to become more like actual siblings with a sense of family and belonging. I volunteer with the boys and […]

Hannah Hones – September 2014

I have just come back home after an amazing week spent with everyone at Allambie Orphanage. I was asked to write down my favorite moments that I had during this week, but for me that feels almost impossible as I loved everything I did with the kids. When we landed in Ho Chi Minh City […]

Chloe Weightman – Feb 2014

Chloe Weightman – Feb 2014   Testimonial for my trip to Allambie orphanage   When I found out that I was lucky enough to win a trip to Ho Chi Minh City to visit Allambie orphanage I was ecstatic as this would be a once in a lifetime trip. However it did not actually become […]

Phil Saleh September – November 2013

I found Allambie through and internet search where it stood out as being especially warm and caring, in stark contrast to the stereotypical ‘Vietnamese Orphanage’. Knowing that I was to spend some time in Saigon teaching, I decided to volunteer my time here. Suzanne agreed to meet up for coffee and told me about each […]