Below is a list of all our sponsors – a big thanks to them all.

Founded in 1934, the British Council is the UK’s official cultural relations organisation, with a remit ‘to build mutually beneficial cultural and educational relationships between the United Kingdom and other countries, and increase appreciation of the United Kingdom’s creative ideas and achievements.’

A large part of our work is in teaching English, and 20 years after arriving in Vietnam, we now have around 9,000 students every year in our growing teaching centres in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
Last year, one of our teachers became aware of Allambie, which is just a few minutes from our main site in Ho Chi Minh City, and the charity had immediate appeal to a group of teachers who felt they had something more to give to Vietnam outside of their regular teaching hours.
Since then, we have organised a volunteer programme, so that each Allambie child has an assigned British Council teacher or teaching assistant for a weekly tutorial, and, since October, the school has given free places to each of the children, giving them four hours tuition every week in our regular classes. We also have two teachers raising money by taking donations for their weekly baking, and a teacher giving IT support to the orphanage.
The children have all done well in their first term and we hope that, by helping them achieve proficiency in English, we can help them open doors in their education and future careers. Visit for more information.

Pink Elephant is the IT cabling industries charitable organisation and LMG is one of the leading providers of Cabling Infrastructure Managed Services.
Pink Elephant has been running for nearly twenty years and in that time over £270,000 has been raised for many different charities.  In 2010 Pink Elephant held a joint fundraiser with LMG and both companies supported two charities; Julia’s House and Allambie Orphanage.
In 2011, again Pink Elephant kindly raised funds at their annual charity fundraiser for differnet charities. Allambie orphanage was honured to be one of them.

Patrick and Natalie the owners of Saigon Bike Rental have supported Allambie greatly for several years.
The best way to get around Saigon is by motorbike. Motorbikes are an essential part of the Vietnamese experience! Whether you prefer a scooter or moped, automatic or manual, Patrick and Natalie can provide a motorcycle ideally suited to your needs to rent.  All their bikes are regularly maintained and in excellent condition. They provide home-delivery, emergency repair and bike replacement and regular maintenance at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Sussex Press Agency is delighted design and host the official Allambie Orphanage website.
We offer a range of media services and works with both large and small businesses around the country. We specialise in video production, Public Relations, Journalistic Services and Website design. Our clients currently include Daily Mail, BBC, The Mirror, Jaguar, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and many more. Other projects from Sussex Press Agency is which is still the world’s only website dedicated to the chauffeur industry in the UK. Since 2003, the site has offered news and features to the market and has helped a number of major car manufacturers develop vehicles and programmes for the business.


Philip Veinott

Vietnam is Awesome started as a personal blog type group to just share some of my stories and photos of my travels and time in Vietnam. It started to take off quite quickly. I still remember when the group had only 500 members about a year ago and now it’s getting over 100 new members daily and hitting 30,000 members is only a few weeks away.

The group is rapidly becoming the premier travel group for tourists, locals and expats, who wish to share their experiences, ask questions, post photos or videos or just engage in positive behavior. The overall aim of the group is to create a positive experience for the members and help increase the popularity of tourism for Vietnam.

The group is now finally getting into monthly events, which are sponsored by awesome venues, businesses and individuals who want to not only give back to the group but also support some really great charities and groups who help individuals and other issues in and around Vietnam. All charities and organizations are welcome to get involved with the group to help promote their cause.

Thanks to Saigon SOS – Matt Ryan and Stu Miller, VIA was able to start expanding its brand with CSR events.

Over the next 12 months I fully expect Vietnam is Awesome to take over the lead for groups in Vietnam. We pride ourselves in being active and engaging as well as helpful. We would love to see over 50,000 members by 2018 but quality is much more important than quantity. Our monthly events will continue to be the standard for groups and we expect other groups to follow our lead.

With more members and more engagement we will be able to increase our events and sponsors which will in return help charities and other organizations in Vietnam. We are committed in being the primary group in Vietnam for locals, expats and tourists to come together and contribute to the beauty and charm of this wonderful country that we all know as Vietnam.


Saigon SOS, founded in 2016 by Stu Miller and Matt Ryan, is dedicated to organizing exciting parties and events to support worthwhile charities and causes in Vietnam. The ultimate goal of Saigon SOS is to connect residents of Vietnam (and visitors), local businesses, and charitable causes – all to create and maintain a community that supports and takes care of each other and people in need.

For more details, to put forward a charity, or to join the team – contact Saigon SOS at