Mission Statement

To create a loving and secure family home where each child has one to one encouragement to help them look forward to the future.

The long term aim of Allambie Orphanage is to educate the children to a level where they will be offered apprenticeships in different industries, or even go onto further education and ultimately university; and with this independence provide the ability for them to build a secure future.

Allambie will ensure that the emotional needs of the children are met. As a number of the orphans are part of a larger family unit, it is crucial to encourage a loving, secure and happy environment. As an orphan myself, I can relate and empathise with the children on a very personal level and understand their need for hugs and affection and a feeling of being truly wanted.

Sponsorship for as little as a £1 a day

Sponsorship is such a joyful and fulfilling way to make a difference. We want you as a sponsor to become part of the Allambie family. When you Sponsor a child for as little as £1 per day, you have the opportunity to help change a child’s life and to give that child hope and a long term future.

What important issues does Allambie sponsorship address?

Allambie will make sure that your sponsored child has regular medical and dental check-ups and that each child is kept healthy. The sponsored child will also get a flu jab to get them through the rainy season.

For children in developing countries, education is highly valued and often the only way out of poverty. Education provides children opportunities to escape poverty, gain a voice in the community and experience a better quality of life. Without an education, a child has little hope of breaking free from poverty and reaching his or her full potential.

Allambie’s goal is to ensure that all the children receive a comprehensive, full-time education that will help them become fulfilled, productive members of their communities and be able to live an independent life with the hope of a secure future.

By committing to an Allambie sponsorship program, you can help bring the gift of education to your sponsored child.

It is important that each child has his or her own clothes and is made to feel like an individual. We enable them to wear clothes and a school uniform that fits them properly and makes them feel special and normal.

Extra curriculum lessons

Allambie fully understands than not all the children will be academically gifted. We want to complete the curriculum with extra lessons that the children themselves will chose to participate in such as dance, music, art and sporting activities. If a child shows signs of excelling in any of these extra lessons, we will encourage and support them in those chosen activities.

What will you as a sponsor get in return?

We will send you a detailed report of how your money has been spent on the child that you have sponsored every three months.

A letter from you sponsored child every three months.

Plus regular updates and photos on the progress of your child’s educational and personal growth.

Allambie are very excited to introduce Skype® chats with your sponsored child.

Allambie is keen that its sponsor’s get to know their child on an individual basis and hopes that by being able to speak to your child, it will give you the opportunity to form a close friendship as well as enabling the child to practice their English and feel wanted by their sponsor. In return, you will feel and be part of the Allambie family.

Volunteer opportunities are available to come and visit your child and to see first hand the improvements brought about through your support.

Of course, this wonderful transformation doesn’t happen overnight, yet steadily and surely, over time, life for your child will improve and you’ll see first hand the positive changes taking place through regular updates and progress reports.

We value your support – thank you.

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